Hop Scotch…Or Just a Scotch, Please

You know what your local playground needs? A margarita machine. And if you’re installing a margarita machine, you may as well go ahead and put in a fully stocked bar. Obviously, there would be some added liability issues with a playground that had happy hour, but the pros completely outweigh the cons. Don’t believe me? Read my latest blog at Breathe, and be convinced.



For the Ladies

The six scariest words you’ll hear from your three-year-old: Look daddy, I have glitter glue.

The six scariest words you’ll hear from a heavily bearded man who drinks too much and spends most of his time with two three-year-olds:  I’m blogging for a women’s magazine.

What could possibly go wrong? Check it out.

Read Breathe, people. Read Breathe.