Drinking Games


Anyone interested in the secret to happiness? Follow the link below to my new blog at Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, where I discuss that beautiful intersection between booze and outdoor adventure. This week, I detail the recipe for true happiness (hint: the recipe includes six beers and one bicycle). Next week, I might talk about making bloody mary’s while backpacking, or doing a keg stand between laps at a mountain bike race, or doing a pub crawl on a standup paddle board, or…you get the picture. Adventure+booze=awesome. 

Check out this week’s goodness here. But don’t forget to keep checking back at Daddy Drinks, where I continue to discuss that even more precarious intersection where booze and parenthood meet. Booze+parenthood=judgmental glances from the other parents at the park. 


5 thoughts on “Drinking Games

  1. Do you think it is more acceptable for moms to drink in the park with their kids than dads? When my kids were at that age, I started to notice the trend – that wasn’t coffee in those fancy Starbucks beverage holders.

    • Good question, twistnpout. I was in the park recently when the local city schools were out and a bunch of moms with older kids were there and I think I was the only one without a beer. but it’s also standard operating procedure to have a couple of beers whenever I get together with another stay at home dad for a play date with the kids. whether that behavior is “acceptable” is a question for my wife, and I can usually tell by her facial expression when she gets home and sees the empties whether or not I’ve had too many.

  2. Oh my god, what a great idea. Just stumbled across your blog, and I love it so far! Now I’m going to have to check out your other one, too. Great, more procrastination material.

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