The Penis Dialogues

The best thing about taking your 3.5-year-old boy on a swanky studio stroll? When you’re in a crowded studio and you ask him if he needs to go potty, he says, “hang on. Let me ask my penis.” Then he looks down at his pants and says, “Penis. Do you have to go pee pee?”

Everyone knows that men make all of their decisions with their penis, but I think my son may be taking that concept a bit literally. Or maybe this is the start of a beautiful relationship between a boy and his imaginary friend. Either way, I see therapy bills in our future.

13 thoughts on “The Penis Dialogues

  1. reminds me of the time my 5 year old son was happy that Christmas was arriving the next day, and he said that his head was excited, his stomach was excited and even his penis was excited!

  2. My son is also three and a half and you should see some of the things he does with his “little friend”. I’ve actually emailed my husband in Afghanistan begging him to come home because, as a woman, I have no idea how to venture into this penile territory. LOL

  3. Funny story and also the picture fit! I had a preschooler take a finger puppet and put it on his penis and try to get me to let him present it to the class. It was a piggie puppet. We had to laugh

      • I have to admit I only knew that boys could wiggle their penises after my son showed me at a rather young age. I told him it was totally okay to do that and whatever he wanted in the bathtub or in his bedroom. But that he should not touch or do any showing others his penis until I told him it was okay! Ha ha! Never did get back with him on that…. age 30 now!

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