Captain Nothing

I don’t know what I’m talking about. Seriously. Don’t come here looking for advice. Unless you have questions about ‘80s era sitcoms, I don’t have any answers. If anything, come here weekly, daily, neh, hourly, looking for self assurance. Come here to reassure yourself that you’re doing this parenthood thing better than I am. To reassure yourself that no matter how lost you feel, there’s someone out there that’s way more lost. Someone navigating parenthood with an outdated GPS, no map, and an overinflated sense of direction who’s too stubborn to ask directions. If I can give you that sense of peace of mind, that there’s a dad out there that’s more clueless than you, if I can help you sleep just a little bit better knowing that at least your kids aren’t being raised by a complete jackass, then maybe I’ve done you and the world a solid. You’re welcome.

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